Recharge Your Body

And Brain

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Brain Recharge is a web service and app with 100+ Brain Education-based guided meditations curated for total mind-body wellness.



Boost your energy and recharge your brain power with dynamic guided meditations



Sleep better and reduce stress with relaxation techniques and meditation music



Activate the brain’s ability to promote self-healing through healing meditations



Practice the life-changing skills of manifestation and visualization to live the life you love


What You Get

100+ topics curated to boost your brain power

Methods unique to Brain Education embraced by millions

Innovative sound healing, relaxation techniques, and visualization meditations

Track your progress at every step

An ever-growing meditation library at your fingertips

Unique Brain-Based App

Brain Recharge is the first and only app in the world that contains meditations to activate your brain power through light, sound, and vibration.

Our energy healing and meditation content is backed by 40 years of research by meditation expert and creator of Brain Education, Ilchi Lee.

It’s the brain that creates feelings of health, happiness, and peace. By activating your brain power, you can gain control of your wellbeing.

Various Meditation Forms &
Contents for Your Needs

Whatever style of meditation you prefer, we offer it.

From sitting to moving, from quiet to powerful, from restorative to stimulating, we have guided meditations that suit any preference and condition.

Embraced by Millions

Since 1980, millions of people have adopted Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education methods for meditation and have improved their health and wellbeing.

These methods are still actively being shared and taught in training and community centers, companies, and schools in the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, China, South Korea, France, Belgium, Russia, Qatar, New Zealand, and more.

Now you can experience all of these helpful practices in an easy-to-use app.

Eastern Mind-Body Practice
Meets Western Neuroscience

The benefits of our meditation methods are drawn from eastern mind-body philosophies from Korea and modern neuroscientific research.

They are supported by well-accredited research establishments like the Korean Institute of Brain Science, Global Cyber University, and the University of London on the benefits of our dynamic meditations compared to other practices.